Back on Track

Addictions and Mental Health Services is a designated ‘Back on Track’ local service provider.  Back on Track is Ontario’s Remedial Measures Program for people who have an Impaired Driving offence.

Convicted Impaired Drivers

Completing all requirements of Back on Track is one of the steps toward license re-instatement.

Step 1

Register for the program:

Contact the Back on Track office, at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto to register and pay the fee for the program.

  • Register on-line to save time:  www.remedial.net
  • Download a registration form if you prefer from www.remedial.net
  • 1-888-814-5831 for registration forms; you cannot register over the phone

Step 2

Once confirmation of payment is received from Back on Track in Toronto, the person then contacts a service provider to schedule a Back on Track assessment.

Step 3

An initial assessment:

Based on the assessment findings, participants will be referred to either the 8-hour Education Workshop or the 16-hour Treatment Workshop.

Step 4

Attending assigned Workshop:

The 8-Hour Education Workshop includes presentations, exercises, discussions and group work.

The 16-Hour Treatment Workshop includes discussions, exercises, group work and personal planning.

Step 5

Complete the 6-month follow-up:  6 months after completing the assigned workshop, participants are required to complete a follow-up interview.

Individuals may have to complete all requirements of the remedial measures program to be eligible to apply for license re-instatement.  The process may take up to 11 months to complete, so participants are urged to register soon after their conviction.

Warn Range Drivers
Drivers who receive a roadside suspension for the second time are required to take Back on Track's Education Workshop.  Those who are suspended in the Warn Range three or more times are required to take Back on Track's Treatment Workshop.