Men's Residential Treatment Program

The men's residential treatment program operates on a 3-week cycle and is a highly structured and intensive intervention for individuals with severe and/or chronic addiction problems aged 21 and older.

The program is based on a ‘harm reduction’ model, and clients with abstinence goals are most likely to benefit from the therapeutic environment.  Program content and philosophy are based on cognitive behavioural theories (thinking/acting), and there is no 12-Step content in the program.  Clients may, and are encouraged to, attend community 12-Step meetings after the evening groups.  The program recognizes and fully supports the benefit to clients who choose to take advantage of the fellowship, consistent support and opportunities to learn and grow which are inherent in the 12-Step program.

Addictions and Mental Health Services' Residential Treatment Program contains educational content, discussion groups and other structured activities which are scheduled every day and evening.  The sessions are designed to increase understanding of alcohol/drug abuse, provide an opportunity to discuss ideas with others, develop strategies to avoid and counter high-risk situations, and learn how to substitute alcohol/drug-using activities with constructive and rewarding non-substance-using activities.

Strict focus on the program is required, and an effort to minimize outside distractions is expected.  Clients are not permitted to attend outside appointments of any type and are strongly discouraged from attempting to take care of any type of personal or employment matters while in the program.  In addition, confirmed accommodations and confirmed return travel arrangements following completion of the residential program is required.  No visitors or visiting is permitted for the duration of the client’s stay.

Individual sessions with staff, which are scheduled each week, are related to discussions about treatment goals, progress in the program and aftercare plans.  Given the short duration of the program, there is no issue-based individual counselling, which is work better suited to the longer term relationship with an outpatient addiction counsellor.


Referrals are ONLY accepted from addiction referral agents who have conducted a standardized assessment with the client, the results of which indicate that residential treatment is required to meet the client’s specific needs.  To locate your local assessment & referral agency, please call 1-800-565-8603 or go to The Drug & Alcohol Helpline's web site.