Family Support Network

Bringing all families of persons with serious mental illness, together.

We are a support network of family members who have loved ones with a serious mental illness such as schizophrenia, affective disorder, personality disorder, or manic depression.

The FSN HPE is dedicated to assisting family members of persons who have been diagnosed with a serious mental illness. It operates under the sponsorship of Addictions and Mental Health Services – Hastings Prince Edward.
Our goal is to develop a district wide, family support program which will address the need for families to have access to: appropriate information about mental illness; information about local services; and opportunities for mutual support with other family members with similar concerns.
For more information on the Family Support Network, please contact Addictions and Mental Health Services at 613-967-4734.

NAMI Service Provider Education Program

A series of 5 weekly classes structured to help service providers understand and obtain a broader knowledge of mental illness.  The course is taught by a team of 5 trained volunteers – 2 consumers, 2 family member caregivers and 1 mental health services provider.  There is no cost to participate in the NAMI Service Provider Education Program.  We think you will be pleased by how much first-hand knowledge this course offers and invite you to call for more information.  For more information, contact Cathy Stanfield at 613.967.4734, Ext. 259.

Classes are limited to 25 persons.

NAMI Family to Family Course

A series of 12 weekly classes for those who have family members suffering from mental illness.  Led by family member facilitators, the NAMI course covers:

  • Diagnostic criteria of common mental illnesses
  • Our emotional response to the trauma of mental illness
  • Biology of the brain, causes of mental illnesses, new research
  • Listening/communicating techniques
  • Understanding what it’s like to have a mental illness
  • Coping skills, handling crisis and relapse, self care and family care
  • Finding community services and supports
  • Advocacy, dealing with stigma and discrimination

Most of all, NAMI offers a confidential, safe place for people to learn and talk about mental illness in their family with others who understand, because we are all dealing with similar issues.

This program is provided free of charge by the Family Support Network.  For more information, contact Cathy Stanfield at 613.967.4734, Ext. 259.

Classes are limited to 25 persons.