Court Diversion

The Court Diversion Program is a cooperative venture between the Criminal Justice System and the Mental Health System.  The program provides direct service to individuals who have a mental illness and who have been charged with a minor offence.  To be eligible for the Court Diversion Program individuals must:

  • be diagnosed with a serious mental illness
  • be 16 years of age or older
  • have been charged with a minor offence
  • agree to participate in the mental health diversion, as it is strictly voluntary
  • be recommended by the Crown Attorney

Mental Health Counsellors in the Court Diversion Program:

  • assist individuals appropriate for diversion to access and utilize mental health and other supports and services
  • assist the judicial system to identify and divert adults with mental illness
  • provide consultation services to all persons/families with special needs appearing before the courts, regardless of the nature of the charges
  • provide short-term support or facilitate the transfer to more enhanced/intensive services or to a longer-term Mental Health Counsellor

Court Diversion Enhancement

The Court Diversion Enhancement Program provides transitional community-based services and direct service to individuals who are on a Court Diversion plan or at minimum have had involvement with the Court Diversion program.  Services include at minimum:  assessment and planning, supportive counselling, service co-ordination, monitoring/evaluation, systems advocacy, transportation and support at court appearances.  This transitional service is intended to be time-limited (up to four months consecutive) after which the client may be transferred to a Mental Health Counsellor for case management.  This program also includes an affordable housing component.


Please call 310-OPEN  (310-6736) to speak to an intake counsellor.  310-OPEN is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.